Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm mostly done, it's tempting to try and emulate all that canvass texture without the usual Photoshop tricks (masochistic?), but I don't think I will. I may continue picking at that wall...bricks are a pain in the ass.


Shoki said...

YES! I finish work and come home to this. Amazing study, really see your CG improving.

Nothing beats a brush though, some people come close to replicating it's texture etc but it's not the same imo. Ever thought about doing a study with oils or something?

So who/what are you going to pick for your next master study?

de Haaff said...

Thanks man!

(What time do you get home from work, I posted this just after midnight?! You live in the UK, right?)

I don't know about oils, expensive and messy. I don't have anywhere I could safely use them without ruining something even more expensive.

To be honest, if/when I do another it will probably be Sargent again, haha. Can't get enough of that guy.

Shoki said...

Yeah I finish around midnight, long day is looong.

Put some newspaper down :D a small oil study won't make too much mess, or would it?

He is the man!