Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Noble Hobo.


SP said...

Awesome, two updates!

Strong poses on the old man and the goblin sketch page; I'm curious on how you learned anatomy, is it purely from drawing from life/ref?

As I said on c9, the man and his dog sketch is fantastic, great description/organisation of planes :).

de Haaff said...

Hey man, glad you like them.

What other way is there to learn to draw than from life and ref? It's mostly from ref as I rarely get the chance to lifedraw, but yeah, just observing, photos, life, anatomy books and repetition. All the usual stuff.

SP said...

Ahh, thanks for the reply! makes sense, stupid question really :/

Do you recommend any anatomy books?

Also if you do another skull astronaut sketch, give me the lines, would love to colour it.

de Haaff said...

I quite like this one...


Constructive Anatomy by George Bridgeman

It's a pdf you can download, the way he visually describes anatomy in a simplified way, feels really intuitive to me. It makes sense to my brain more than any other anatomy book I've come across.

I'd also recommend the Andrew Loomis books, which are also in pdf format, ( http://www.artcone.com/forum/andrew_loomis_books_downloads-t1772.html ). These more for constructing the figure, rules of proportion and composition. But they're good for anatomy too.

And best of all, they're free!

Hope that helps.

de Haaff said...

Oh yeah, and no problem with the line art, if and when.

SP said...

Brilliant! Just ordered the constructive anatomy book from amazon :).

Shame the Loomis book isn't in print.

Appreciate the recommendations, thanks a bunch mate.