Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Hay1707 said...

Hi Ryan, I was just randomly trawling the net, well killing time at work actually, when I happened to stumble upon your picture of Alice and the Caterpillar. I don’t usually post comments to strangers and I’m sure you’re already aware but I just felt compelled to remark on your, er, remarkable talent. I’ve completely fallen in love with that Alice image, its just… perfect on so many levels, kind of exactly what I would have done myself if I’d had the idea. The rest is also excellent, I really like your use of line in your illustration but also how fluid your painting style is,, you’re obviously one of those annoyingly talented people who make it look effortless!
You say you’re a wannabe freelance illustrator.. so I assume your not doing this properly for a living yet? I’m just wondering if you are/ were studying this as a subject or if you were born just a natural doodler? I’m aspiring to freelance myself, so its interesting to speak to like minded folks. Well, I think I’ve rattled on enough! I’ll let you get back to your insomnia. All the best with your drawing

de Haaff said...

Hi Haley, thanks or the comment and very kind words. I'm glad you like my Alice picture so much!

Yes, unfortunately I don't make a living from this kind of work just yet, I've made a little bit of money from freelance work but no where near enough to justify giving up my day job (I graduated from Uni last Summer, started working for an advertising firm just before xmas).

It's just something I can do, I seemed to have a knack for copying from photos and it just went from there. Not to say I didn't work at it, though. If there's one bit of wisdom I'd give, it's don't expect anyone to teach you much, especially on the technical side. You pretty much have to be self-taught on everything.

Anyway, if you want other like-minded individuals, I suggest you check out some of the online forums out there, like www.drawingboard.org and www.redbeardead.com/cloudnine. There are some pretty talented people in there whom I'm sure will serve as further inspiration.

Again, thanks for the comment and I wish you all the best in your efforts.